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Frequently Asked Questions

February 1 is the target date for testing and the new system will go live at a later date, correct?

Will the new system make the reinstatements happen faster?
Yes. The manual piece will be gone and convictions/suspensions will automatically match to records in an overnight batch process. This will apply only to those suspension submitted after we start using the new system. Anything you submit now, even with the current electronic submission, will not match automatically.

You say you want one conviction per person. If a person is found guilty of seven charges, do you want seven records, or just one per person?
Right now, you can send seven convictions per person on one record. In the future, you will submit a separate record for each conviction.

Do we need to start sending in separate records for each conviction now, or start when the system goes live?
Some courts are doing it now. Whether you start now is up to you. However, when the new system goes live, you must start submitting one record for each conviction.

When we first started electronic submission, we had a final test where you approved each of us. Will it be the same this time?
There will not be a test to pass. Instead, you will have time to test how the new codes, layout and transmission application work before we go live with the new system. However, once we convert, you must switch to the new way. You will receive test records you can use to practice, but there won't be a test you pass or fail.

When do you expect to go live with the new system?
Currently, we plan on mid-March.

Do you need only numeric case numbers, or can they be alphanumeric?
You can use any combination of alphanumeric and other characters. If you have one case number with different charges, you must differentiate each one with either a letter (A, B, C) or number (1, 2, 3) added to make it unique.

Can we start using the new codes now, or do we need to wait until you go live with the new system?
We can't accept the new codes until we convert to the new system.

Will we need to set aside time to update our conviction code master table and database as soon as you launch your new system?
Work with your vendor to set up a test environment with the new codes so you can do it before we convert to the new system. Then, when we do convert, your vendor only has to move it from the test environment to production. We will not be able to accept submissions for a day or two while conversion is under way. We can't say today how long conversion will take, but there will be opportunity for you to switch over at the same time. As soon as we know, we will tell you how long we expect conversion to take.

Will there be a manual process for reinstatements during the conversion period?
We can't answer at this time. When we know for sure how conversion will affect our business processes, we will share that information with you.

Do you expect the error file format to change?
The format should be similar to what you see now. The error message might change some, but the messages should be easier to understand in the future. This will help you resolve issues on your own.

Have you added any filters on the errors? Will records error out for any other reasons?
We will maintain most of what we have already. You may actually see fewer errors because we will take some of the records without an exact match and put them in a queue to process rather than have them send an error message to you.

How will EM2 codes work in the future?
We will not use any retired codes in the new system. Though the EM2 codes sent in from other states will go on the Kansas record, we will not send retired EM2 codes out of state.

Will we change the way we enter statutes in the new system (example 8-1558 would be 08.1558)?
No. This will remain the same.

How many states are using ACD code now?
All states must use ACD code when transmitting records to each other. Each state decides whether to keep it in ACD code or to transcribe it to state code. Switching to ACD code will eliminate the need to transcribe or to a different code.