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The Kansas Department of Revenue has been cautioned by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in several past reviews for mapping state and local conviction codes to their nationally recognized equivalent in the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators Code Dictionary, but that’s about to change.

We have considered changing to AAMVA Code Dictionary codes in our existing computer system for about 10 years, but it would have been nearly impossible to make it work. Converting to the new DMV System provides the right opportunity to make the switch.

ACD codes provide consistency for reporting driving record events and they are required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Using them will ensure that convictions in Kansas can be easily communicated to AAMVA and, from there, to other states.

The code change will affect all district and municipal courts statewide. It is from these jurisdictions that traffic convictions get reported to the Kansas Department of Revenue to be included on a driver’s record.

Members of the DMV Modernization Project team and supervisory staff from Driver Control are working with court administrators and their technical service providers to help them transition to the new codes and other new reporting processes.

Additional Information

Transition Support

During this transition, if you have questions about code changes and reporting, contact:

JJessica Ross

If you need technical support, contact:

Jill Bleier                                                

Doug Appenfeller

Scott Abbott